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Emily Eagle Headshot

Emily Eagle

Office Manager/Performance Coordinator


  • BFA in Musical Theater from Ball State University

A Coast Guard brat, I’ve moved around the country 8 times. I have been singing and dancing since the age of 7 and got my BFA in Musical Theatre from Ball State University. A natural clutz, I have frequented many a Physiotherapy during my upbringing, and most of them seemed to do the same thing–stick me with a machine for 20 minutes, direct me on how to do a few stretches, and billed my insurance as I left. After the Covid-19 shutdown, I began seeking treatment at this very office after a neighbor referred me (thanks, Sue!). I was immediately enraptured in the culture of this office; the active mindset made me confident that my daily aches and pains would be combated with releasing tensions and strengthening the muscles that weren’t firing off without guidance.

Since then, I have joined the team and aim to help bring awareness of functional therapy and its benefits to those around me. When I’m not working, you can find me at the beach or crafting alongside my pup, Minnie, cat, Sherbert, and boyfriend, Chris. What drives me: As a performer, I was raised with the belief that my body is my instrument. Singing and dancing on stage is what drives me, in addition to sharing those stories with my friends and family.

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