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Carpal Tunnel Treatments in Orlando, FL

Are you struggling with carpal tunnel discomfort? At Connected Movement, we offer tailored Carpal Tunnel treatment, merging expertise with holistic care. With a background in Sports Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, and Physiotherapy, we're experienced in addressing carpal tunnel challenges. We're focused on restoring wrist comfort and movement. Whether it's pain relief, wrist health, or maintaining daily activities, our Orlando, FL clinic provides informed advice, individualized treatment, and an overall approach to support enhanced wrist well-being.

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Effective Solutions for Carpal Tunnel Relief

Carpal tunnel symptoms can restrict daily activities and diminish well-being. At Connected Movement, our Carpal Tunnel treatments aim for relief and lasting wrist health and enhanced well-being.

By harnessing our team's skills in Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, and Physiotherapy, we delve into the core issues of carpal tunnel, striving for sustainable relief.

Opting for Connected Movement connects you with a dedicated team skilled in addressing carpal tunnel. Our experts unite knowledge, experience, and genuine care to support your healing journey.

Our Approach for Enhanced Wrist Wellness

Recognizing that wrist health extends beyond symptom management, our clinic takes a holistic approach considering overall joint health and function.

With the expertise of our staff, we offer solutions that focus on restoring wrist comfort, mobility, and function, ensuring you enjoy the benefits of optimal wrist wellness.

We understand that each patient's experience is unique, and our personalized treatment plans are tailored to address your specific carpal tunnel condition, goals, and lifestyle.

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Are you seeking relief from carpal tunnel symptoms or aiming to boost wrist health? Our team at Connected Movement is ready to assist. Don't let carpal tunnel hinder your daily activities. Reach out to us now and discover how our Carpal Tunnel treatments can restore your wrist's comfort, movement, and assurance.

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What Other People Are Saying

Never Felt Better

I ended up having foot surgery my senior year of high school and am a college athlete, so I sought treatment here to help aid in my healing process. The people here are AMAZING and my body has never felt better. I’m now able to play the sport I love pain free thanks to them!

- Kelsey G., Orlando, FL

Flexibility and Form

I have a problem with tension and stiffness. Exercising at Connected Movement has helped me with flexibility and form. Thank you to the professional trainers and Chiropractic care by Dr. Andrews.

- Miriam C., Orlando, FL

Warm and Inviting

Overall, I cannot recommend Dr. Andrew Teran enough. His expertise, passion, and commitment to patient care are truly commendable. If you're seeking top-notch sports medicine and chiropractic treatment, look no further. Dr. Teran is the epitome of excellence in his field, and you can trust him to provide unparalleled care. My experience with him has been nothing short of transformative, and I am incredibly grateful to have found such an exceptional practitioner.

- Vicky E., Orlando, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome can result from repetitive hand movements, wrist injuries, genetic predisposition, and medical conditions like arthritis.

How is carpal tunnel diagnosed?

Diagnosis involves a combination of physical examination, medical history assessment, and potentially nerve conduction studies to evaluate nerve function.

Can chiropractic care help with carpal tunnel syndrome?

Yes, chiropractic care can alleviate carpal tunnel symptoms by addressing wrist alignment, improving nerve function, and promoting overall wrist health.

How can I prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?

Preventive measures include:

  • Maintaining ergonomic hand and wrist positions.
  • Taking breaks during repetitive tasks.
  • Performing wrist stretches.

Is carpal tunnel surgery the only option for treatment?

No, non-surgical treatments like Sports Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, and Physiotherapy can effectively manage carpal tunnel symptoms and avoid invasive procedures.

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