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Dr. Andrew Teran Headshot

Dr. Andrew F. Teran

Owner | Chiropractor | Clinical Director


  • BS Science University of Central Florida Doctorate of Chiropractic
  • Palmer college of Chiropractic


  • NSCA Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Corrective Exercises Specialist, Golf Fitness Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Dr. Andrew Teran was born in Germany and moved around a lot, since due to his father being in the Military. His family finally settled at Patrick Air Force Base in '98 and have been in Florida ever since. Dr. Teran attended University of Central Florida, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Sports and Fitness. He worked in the fitness industry for about a year before he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida.

Dr. Teran has been around sports his whole life; he started playing soccer when he was three years old. His other athletic passions include golf and sprint triathlons. It wasn't until his first serious injury, when he was 12, playing basketball when he tore the tendon in his right ankle. This resulted in numerous visits to Physiotherapy and chiropractic offices, but it wasn't until he tore his hamstring that his chiropractor told him he would keep reinjuring them if he didn’t work on his compensations and strengthen his glutes. It was this experience that resulted in him discovering what route he wanted to go, as a medical professional. Above all, Dr. Teran is passionate about living an active and healthy lifestyle, helping people not just get out of pain but stay out of pain, and most importantly his wife, daughter and son.

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